North Carolina and Norfolk Southern Railroad "Go Live"

MebaneHSRMotion2Norfolk Southern and the North Carolina DOT installed additional Island Radar VDR24 systems at four-quadrant gate crossings across the state of North Carolina, in a second phase of deployment for the State's high-speed rail system. These systems permit transition to dynamic exit gate operating mode without the need to excavate crossings for the installation of buried inductive detection loops.

Before, operating in a simplistic timed mode, exit gates would stay in their raised position for 17 to 20 seconds after the crossing warning system was activated.  This allowed -  and maybe even encouraged - impatient drivers to drive around entrance gates and into the activated crossing.

But now, both the entrance and exit gates descend almost simultaneously - closing off the crossing corridor as quickly as possible. That is, unless there is a vehicle partially in the crossing. Then, the Island Radar detection system provides instant presence detection information to the crossing controller so that the proper exit gate stays raised until the vehicle can safely exit the crossing.